Capitalism is the problem: further notes to my Nullifying friends

Edward G. Nilges, “Handbill on the Release of Aung San Syu Kyi”, pencil, pen, wash, computer modifications, 2011

“Almost extinct today is the personality that seizes and holds, far more prevalent is the whiner who demands.”

You don’t have a realistic idea of what people really are. Although civilization is much more than a “veneer”, underneath it we’re monkeys and we smash and grab. And politicians like Santorum who do it in the name of religion are the worst.

That’s why the Founders designed the balance of powers. Congress SHOULD pass all sorts of silly laws if that’s what the majority wants. The Executive can indeed choose to not carry them out, or add “signing statements” as has Obama to NDAA, declaring that it does NOT override Constitutional protections (its wording was obfuscated by the mess made in its drafting of a divided Congress and does NOT clearly override the Constitution).

The SCOTUS can and in Marbury has long taken power to be the final arbiter of what is Constututional.

Nobody gives you sovereignty. As people, you must seize it, preferably by use of the political process but also on the job.

Mitt Romney, starting with the incredible advantage represented by being the Fortunate Son of a powerful father, has become a wealthy man by buying healthy companies, using their health to max out their credit, and then driving them into bankruptcy while retaining the profits made during the credit expansion through a separate holding company.

You say “capitalism isn’t the problem” but this is what it has become. To make a profitable product you must today drive down costs by hiring rural Chinese to do the work. Therefore, members of the elite have long sought instead the almost metaphysical ability to divide corporate realities into parts…the part making the product and dealing with the real world, and a separate part to siphon off the money.

Brood on this, mah brother. Ponder on how often you see Get The Money, Inc., in a partnership with Make The Stuff.

Government isn’t responsible for this EXCEPT for the fact that it fails to REGULATE this. But (cf. Chomsky’s book Manufacturing Consent) the discontent at the failure of the United States Government to meet its Constitutional obligation to Provide for the General Welfare can be morphed into “throw the bums out” in a sequence of public relations steps.

I taught at Princeton. My Mom was over the Moon about that. But these weren’t the college credit classes that I was also taking. No, I simply taught the nuts and bolts of the C programming language because unlike lesser institutions, Princeton would not teach baby classes (the most basic class in Math was Calculus) and at the time required prospective majors in Computer Science to know C.

Many of the majors in CS sought jobs just outside full banking regulation in financial speculation because only a sucker thinks he can get superrich, either by making things, designing things, or even responsibly selling real equities and real bonds. Instead, since the 1980s, high tech has been used to circumvent regulation. For example, flash trades can be made in nanoseconds by extremely efficient C code which will undercut your competitors whose software people use Java.

“Dark pools” can be formed of insider investors outside the oversight of the SEC. And the key to getting in on this action? Having a Dad who sent you to Princeton, playing sports with other Fortunate Sons.

It is true that the best of the Princetonian CS majors I knew stayed out of this game. One became an executive at Microsoft which insists not only on producing real stuff but also on paying its people, which is why its software is proprietary. But the guys who didn’t like me (and tried to hack my accounts and were caught by the Microsoft paladin), they believed in dog eat dog.

Capitalism is the problem dude. It is tyrannizing our minds more efficiently than any military government such as the one in Burma because in our more complex society, people need to self-regulate, in a good or a bad sense. The good sense is called “civilization”, and the bad sense is commodified anhedonia.


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  1. Interestingly, I came across a video on youtube and posted in my blog. In it, Robert Reich talks about he truth about the economy. Watch it if you want:

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