On Some Fashionable, Nauseating Nonsense


Tries too hard…

I find this article nauseating.

“CHRISTOPHER KETCHAM writes for Vanity Fair, GQ, Harper’s and many other magazines, and is currently working on a book, ‘The United States Must End,’ which advocates the dissolution of the US.”

This from someone whose income is made from national magazines and who uses that income to live apart from a wife who’s apparently French and junket with his alienated daughter in Utah…without getting fucking stuck in fucking Utah with no fucking money, and sending emails and Facebook messages out in despair because the motel phone won’t make long distance calls.

Who argues that the United States must be dissolved. Gee, does this asshole know what happened when the federation of Yugoslavia dissolved?

Who uses Facebook and the net to preserve his income, who submits articles electronically and promotes himself on the Internet. Has this guy any shame? Has he ever read Plato and pondered Plato’s hypocrisy concerning writing?

Who uses, irresponsibly and at second hand, Heidegger’s Jargon of Authenticity to laugh at us poor deluded and systematically isolated fools, with our unfashionable age, race, gender and bank balances, who use Facebook to relieve isolation, to connect, and bring down governments and their apologists of the chattering class.

Clearly, Facebook needs to be limited to the elite just as teaching slaves to read and write was a capital offense in de old Souf. How dare that Motel 6 long term resident have a Blackberry? Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? Clearly there needs to be a First Clawss access for which we shall pay, and a Colored Person access for everyone else.

The new game in town is to shame the black and the brown
How dare they use Facebook or a cellphone so as not to be alone?
They strut their stuff so shamelessly on Facebook
Creating a homeless man’s home a shantytown nook
Wherein they can say to the uncaring Other
Yo dig it I am a man and a brother.

Technology is so inauthentic, these people are not real
And from the Gods they steal the fire!
Time to throw your cellphone on the pyre
And to follow the authentic thug
And stop tracking up our rug.


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