Balade of the Viejo Vierde

Love hath reason reason none – Shakespeare, the Phoenix and the Turtle

Ah, I would like to live forever just for you
It was something I was gonna do
Anyway, just before we met.
You were not on my to-do list
But you fit it very nicely. Hope you’re not pissed.

Ah to live forever, just for you
Empires rise and fall
To mine own self be true
That would be to have it all.

Property we should thus appall
Like Bogie and like Lauren Bacall
She was young and he was old
But what’s a cheese without a little mold?

Love has reason, reason none,
So into her oven he put a bun.

Ah to live forever just for you
That would be the honey dew. Honey, do
Make me an appointment with the doctor
I shall let him my arse proctor
And inspect my furry Tongue
And ask me if I still run.

I do. I do. And as it turns out, just for you.
I didn’t know that when in the mountain
I ran up to the sacred fountain
Passed the parliament of chattering birds
Resounding on the Palo Alto power station with their birdish words.

But to live forever just for you
That would be to wipe away the tears
In a new flood, of happiness, in rue.

Ah, to live forever, just for you.

Edward G. Nilges 4 Feb 2012. Moral rights have been asserted by the author and honi soit, so don’t get gay with me.


1. A necessarily self-centered “balade” perhaps in the style of Chaucer:

HYD, Absolon, thy gilte tresses clere;
Ester, ley thou thy meknesse al a-doun;
Hyd, Jonathas, al thy frendly manere;
Penalopee, and Marcia Catoun,
Mak of your wyfhod no comparisoun;
Hyde ye your beautes, Isoude and Eleyne;
My lady cometh, that al this may disteyne.

2. A “viejo vierde” in Venezuelan Spanish is literally, a green man, and it means “dirty old man”. But the Green Man of Celtic legend is the man who can photo-synthesize and live on light. Bloke sleeps all winter and stirs in spring when the Peering Day finds his arse and then it’s Katy (bar the door) as far as the village lassies are concerned.


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