Ode to Didem, the Turkish Dancer

Popular Turkish Belly Dancer Didem

There is a young Lady of Istanbul
Of grace and of form and feature, she’s formidable:
She dances the Danse du Ventre
At the Ladies’ Christian Centre
That nubile young Lady, of Constantinople

C’est une jeunesse Femme d’Istanboole
De Grace extreme, et forme, chic alors, c’est formidable
Elle danse la Danse du Ventre, eh bien
Au Centre de les Femmes, Chretienne
Ah, c’est une Deese, la Femme de Constantinople!
Mais les Dames Chretienne cri c’est une Honte!

She’s revealing what she oughtn’t!
Mais elle dit au les vielle Dames
My dance, Ladies, erases all shames!
It is a mystery of the East
Which reconciles man and beast!
My movements celebrate birth
And our connection with the earth
So screwez-vous I dance my dance
It the men and boys enchants
And makes them faithful to their Wives
For the remainder of their natural lives.

Edward G. Nilges 11 Feb 2012. Moral rights have been asserted by the author, so honi soit qui mal y pense


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