“Jane Shakespeare” on Shakespeare Denialism

In reality (wink wink) Shakespeare’s immortal and for this reason SHE has been living in London (she had to change her sex in 1800 per Virginia Woolf). She got a Powerbook last year and learned Facebook, and found me. Thinking me rather cute, she’s been sending me new writings including a farce on the British election.

She also sends this sonnet on Shakespeare denialism, the idiotic theory that some aristocrat or that closet case Marlowe wrote Shakespeare’s plays, that’s being flogged in that garbage Anonymous film by Ronald Emmerich and John Orloff (in screenwriter self-hatred):

When Turde it calls to Turde, and in Replie,
That which is not a Turde sings from but Claye
In tones melodyus, in sweet Euphonie,
The mere Turde knoweth not what Worde to say.
The Cybernetick Mob this end of Tyme
Within itself fynds but a rag bone shoppe:
Impotent, to make life to scanne or rhyme
The Mobbe decides to give my Rep, the choppe.
And so the herd of fell swyne Gadarin
A-creeps to the feet of its Inquisitore
And says, it a noble lordling musta bin
Who wrote MY worke. But less is less, not more.
I care not for your fell foule wicked Lyes:
Looke on my work. And Gape with wild surmise.

Edward G. Nilges, Androgynous Awareness. Pencil, pen, fuser and computer modifications, 21 Feb 2012

One Response to ““Jane Shakespeare” on Shakespeare Denialism”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:


    1. For the reference to an Inquisitor, cf Dostoevsky, Karamazov. Jane’s read it.

    2. Tightened up the iambic pentameter.

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