The Ministry of the Son


When all is said and done,
There is the Ministry of the Sun.
Soaring steel and shining glass
On the Mad King Ludwig Strasse
Where once was the grey and granite pile
Medusa’s gaze and Cleopatra on the Nile
Must now needs be, divine comedy.

Figlio mio io sono anciento, io sono Anchises
Tu sei mi Aeneas.
Goddesses rage, both Venus and Isis
But they see conspiracy where is none in an all revealing sun,
And they are of two minds vaginal bein’ but women and all,
As they were long ago when we’d troop out and about,
Me saying, march or die mes enfants with a Legionairre’s shout
You following after in solemn parade, shining.

I mean, you should have seen him.
You should have gotten a LOAD of that kid.
I’d been away but on a spring day,
This shining radiant kid walked in and having been coached by his Mom,
Said hi Daddy. I could hardly see for the brightness in my parent’s foyer.

Apollo has been on Sabbato Apollo on a long vacation
(Apollo got drunk at the Chicago and Northwestern Station)
But let him return and give it a whack
He was also Flash Jumping Jack:
Let him return and give it a try
And let Fair Lady yet start … to cry?
No! The dance is enow even with the gimpy fall
For the dance is everything the dance is the All.

Spring comes more and more with the leap of a tiger.
Tax bills, advancing age, and pain
But spring comes, again and again and again.
What was it Eliot said, “in the Juvenescence of the year”
“Came Christ the tiger.”

All we can do is be a Jew.
That is we can walk down Fifth avenue hand on our son on the real Lord’s day
And be mistaken for the real thing by the Lubavatchem. Watch out for them.
My kid, when he heard you got a dollar from the Rebbe
Said Dad mebbe
We could convert?

I am a dying star.
Which is better than nothing, although it becomes nothing,
A trapdoor to another creation.

Edward G. Nilges 16 April 2012. Moral rights asserted so back off.


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