The Green Man Advises His Son

If a Lady is a Knockout then she needs a TKO
If you like a scummy bastard need to leave her when you hear that whistle blow
So, Joe, if you want to get on that hell bound train and if you want to go
Give the Lady the following treatment, it’s that least that you can do.

A week after you’ve dumped her, call her from your dumpster
And beg and plead and moan o Baby take me back
My love my life is without meaning woe is me and paint it black!
Odds are that the gal will tell you to get lost
And hey hey hey, you’ve done the job ’cause in the Bin YOUR Laden has been tossed

And she can tell all her bimbo friends with a conscience that is clear
That she thought you was a class act but dumped you ’cause you’se queer
That she thought you was high class but you nothing but a hound
Something that de cat done drug in dat in the yard she found
And now you is, to her, nuttin more than a creep, a Loser and a Stalker
And you are free to find another…or meet nightly with Jimbo Beam and Mister Johnny Walker
For what matters is I’m afraid is not any gal’s opinion
It’s what you think of yourself, the layers of the onion!

Edward G. Nilges 18 April 2012. Moral rights have been asserted, odd as that may seem


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