Sing the Heart’s Bone’s Body: Notes on Shakespeare’s Birthday

Sing the heart’s bone’s body: a King kneels like General Washington at Valley Forge and says this:

We must bear all. O hard condition (Henry V)

That is (das ist) it is an annunciation like the first notes of Beethoven’s A Minor quartet (Listen!) like what Buddha said in the park, I bring Suffering, I bring Release from Suffering, o Monks.

Sing the heart’s bone’s body: in families we tear at each other. Hell’s bell’s, what are the History plays but the Plantagenets down the road in the close, fighting over a legacy? [Thank God for my big brother, my father’s executor, he did a good job.] And how about those Lears? Get a load of this: a parent asks a child to forgive him:

You do me wrong to take me out o’ the grave:
Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound
Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears
Do scald like moulten lead.

O, look upon me, sir,
And hold your hands in benediction o’er me:
No, sir, you must not kneel.
Pray, do not mock me:
I am a very foolish fond old man,
Fourscore and upward, not an hour more nor less;
And, to deal plainly,
I fear I am not in my perfect mind.
Methinks I should know you, and know this man;
Yet I am doubtful for I am mainly ignorant
What place this is; and all the skill I have
Remembers not these garments; nor I know not
Where I did lodge last night. Do not laugh at me;
For, as I am a man, I think this lady
To be my child Cordelia.


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