Adam West Rips Up the McAuley in Leonard Nimoy’s Vincent!

Vincent is a one man show originally developed by Leonard Nimoy.

It is being presented this week by the redoubtable Hong Kong actor and director Adam West (holy malaprop, Batman, not that one). Mr West has been burning the candle at both ends recently, performing the leading role in Private Lives opposite the formidable Nicole Garbellini, and apparently buying more wax, for his performance of Theo van Gogh’s relationship with the artist is incandescent.

West is the perfect big brother as apparently was Theo, an art dealer with a bourgeois existence but saddled with a brother that was, far from crazy, merely a gifted visionary. Behold, this dreamer cometh.

In Chicago I always felt that there was a barrier between the Players and I, constructed by my choice of a rigorously conventional workadad life and the American low lying ozone of art hatred. Here in HK no such barrier exists, and only in part because willy nilly I was Chosen in unemployment and penury to be Sheldon Levene last year in a local production of Glengarry Glen Ross and fell in with a cry of players.

In fact, at two points in the production, Mr. West selected audience members, breaking the “fourth wall” deliberately, and I was selected to be an unfeeling early critic of Van Gogh.

West’s work was a dithyrambic protest against the very idea that artists are crazy. He is profoundly talented and deserves a bit of a rest. I find that long fallow periods are productive. My first waifish nude was drawn on Christmas of 1979 and although I realized I’d just drawn my soul, it literally took thirty years for this to become a Dance of Victory or Peter’s Crazy Aunt.

The technical direction, which showed Vincent’s work, could have been royally screwed up but was excellent as was the lighting.


3 Responses to “Adam West Rips Up the McAuley in Leonard Nimoy’s Vincent!”

  1. Adam West Says:

    Thank you for kind words, Edward. One small piece of pedantry but important because it makes the story all the more remarkable – Theo was actually Vincent’s younger brother. He was 4 years the junior. I found this project very rewarding indeed and very moving.

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