Rondeley for a Dirty Old Man

She was young and he was old
But what’s a cheese without a little mold?

Ah, elle une jolie jeune fille mais ils et vielle
Mais qu’est que ce Fromage sans mouler?

She was slender lithe supple and nubile
He was fat, with a herniated disk, and very vile

Elle et une Nymph, la Sylphe dans la champs
Ils et une Pantagruel with piss in his pants

She was a Gamin without a Sou to her name
He was a Banker with money and a complete lack of shame

Une Gamin c’etait Elle, de la Boulevard, Rue, et l’Impasse
Une Bourgeois he with plenty of cash

And so they were Wed and he took her to Bed
Where before you could say “Jack Robinson” he died, and was Dead

Alors enfin une Mariage et la Chambre d’Amour
Eh bien, on dit, “Pepe Le Moko” et ils sont Mourir

Whereupon she became a grand Inheritrix
And the toast of all Toms, all Harries, and Dicks

Elle est une Dame de la Societe, une Gratine
Et une Incroyable vivent la Rue Capuchine

This fable has no particular Moral
Save that the world over is buggered, overall

La Morale, Monsieur, n’existe partout
Saufe, personne dit, maudit est tout!

7 May 2012 by Edward G. Nilges, with apologies to the Academie Francais. Le Droit Morale s’asserte, mort de ma vie and sacred Blue.


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