Health note

In addition to a herniated disk I also have a large amount of swelling which my doctor attributes to lymph nodes and a high ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) which can indicate a variety of conditions, some bad, some not so bad. I went in for a test yesterday and will get the results tomorrow. More detail will be available on my Facebook page (Edward Nilges in Hong Kong).

Do not rescusitate? To honor my father I am “resuscitate me or die, motherfuckers” since I have a lot of unfinished business both in art and with my kids. As Billy Blanks (he of my TaeBo workout says) you have to walk through the fire.

One doctor concerned about my weight loss. I THINK it’s because I have long learned to be temperate around food, and the low salt content of even Western style food here in China has acclimated me to just enough. Unlike Steve Jobs in his cancer, I feel hungry and don’t get nauseated when I chow down. I am “hot” as they say but I also need to remind myself that pride goeth before a fall.

My Pole star is Kant and science. I do not know what lies beyond but I have long learned that being good to one another is something that skepticism cannot easily question and remain, in fact, a healthy and enlightened skepticism. Christ was on target on the Mount and left his story for us to know is all I know.

The anguish is in the proposition which is certain, that for any meaningful scientific statement such as Borges’ “the true story of my death”, s, its probability P(s) lies between certainly false (0) and certainly true (1): 0<P(s)<1. Whereupon we can rejoice and be serene as was Kant, striving to complete Der Kritik, or Spinoza on his last day on earth, deus sive natura.

I will keep this blog informed as to what happens. Remember that I love drama and being the center of attention, but always tell the truth.

I dreamed last night a happy dream: I took my son to a platform for the observation of the sun and higher and higher altitude which also had a “virtual reality” way of seeing how it is to breathe at higher and higher levels. I bought him a souvenir of our visit.


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