Breathing Lessons

Jenny Holzer, “In a Dream You Saw a Way to Survive and You Were Filled With Joy”, The Survival Series 1991

Yeah, pal, I’ve had anger breathing lessons
To ten we count because we’re in labor
Producing the next stage of daughters, and sons,
Continuing when life hath lost life’s savor.
Dispatched to the yard at dawn, in the cold,
Self medicated with Jack Daniels’, not good,
We know damned well that we are old
Hey, this is MY body, pal, and this is my blood.
You say I want an entitlement, that’s a big word
Naw, I just have paid for the goddamn policy
And I am gonna sit here and breathe awhile, turd,
Until you get a straight answer for me.
Outa the whore pops the Affordable Care Act
And you fuckheads wanna abort it and that’s a fact.


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