Queen Mary Hospital Notes

1. The Queen Mary after whom this hospital is named wasn’t George VI’s consort and the “Queen Mum”, she was the wife of George V.

2. At Queen Mary Hospital I feel rather like Aisin Goro Pu Yi in The Last Emperor. They bring you a porridge at 6 AM which was rather delicious but I’ve snuck down to delifrance for two butter croissants orange juice and coffee.

3. “I could be bound in a nutshell and count myself king of infinite space”, as Hamlet said of Denmark. Acceptance causes me to look at things with the interest I’d had as little kid. Wow, I can walk outside as long as I tell the male nursing staff that I ain’t trying to make a break for it.

Queen Mary is on a high hill and there are great views, although my room’s view is just the opposite building and patches of sea and sky.

4. These plaid pants (hospital garb) are pretty wild. 

5. Dream: I was in a big house with many rooms and I’d trashed some of them. My former wife had had to fly thousands of miles to clean one of them and she was royally honked off.

Richard, thy wife, that wretched Anne thy wife,
That never slept a quiet hour with thee,
Now fills thy sleep with perturbations

Shakespeare Richard III 

6. The Lee Ka-Shing medical center affiliated with Queen Mary is a first rate medical facility. I do hope finding the source of the cancerous cells in my lymph nodes presents an intellectual challenge. A Grand Unified Theory that would explain not only the swelling but also the apparently hermiated disk and hernia, which have pre-existing lifestyle explanations.

And then, at this moment anyway, I am like, bring on the chemo and radiation. NUKE that thing. Do not resuscitate? Bullshit do not resuscitate, I am apart from these problems the picture of strong health and in the name of my father, Dr. Richard G. Nilges, MD, and his fight for the right to life of the old, I shall fight this thing. Foulant la boue sombre, vont les képis blancs. 


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