Lance Armstrong

Now God be thanked who has matched us with this hour. My kid told me about this guy and I have just confirmed in his wikipedia biography that his ball cancer had metastasized when it was found. The source of my cancer has not yet been discovered but the cells in my shoulder are from somewhere else which means by definition a metastasis and I have confirmed that an ATH-lete and a John o’ Gaunt like me beat it.

I just got a new hero to add to my Pan-theon of skinny bastards who speak truth to power, for Lance is fighting Big Tobacco’s effort to defeat Prop 29 in California which would add a tax to fund cancer research and treatment: alongside Edward R Murrow, Bertrand Russell and J Robert Oppenheimer, smokers all, I have Lance. He was in Dodgeball when the owner of the Joe Average gym was discouraged and said something like, oh yeah, give up your struggle with the evil gym guy, I just had cancer is all.

Thanks going out to my eldest Yi numbah One son Er-Shi for telling me about Lance a while back.

Note to self: avoid euphoria cultivate serenity through the breath.


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