Address to the Sphinx

Beldame! my name is where angels fear to tread,
And you can spare me your contempt
I ain’t scared o’ wimmen and my name is also Ed
And a banter or two with the likes of you shall me content.

Your monopoly on discourse creates monsters,
We are at a loss for words and know not what to say
You expect a man to speak according to the card
And when I speak you’re like WTF and hey hey hey

It would be fashionable for me to speak with brutality
Like my old school-fellow Ted Nugent:
It is to say what is expected of me
But I happen to be a rather disobliging old gent

Underneath the Great God Pan
And the insistence of the rod,
Men have an instinct women to respect
Men have an instinct women to protect
And to make concord with ’em in their advancing age
As they two share their love and rage.
In the forest, in labor, in the middle of the night
Even a bonehead knows what is wrong and what is right

So don’t play with fire, baby, in the ring
Don’t use the better angel of our nature, Sugar
Of good men I sing
Not some caricature, some monster, some Creature Feature

Don’t think of our respect and dignity
When we fall among women as timidity
And do me a favor do not use it
To give me a ration a ration of hot steaming s*t

Beldame! Get a clue.
There is nothing that I need or want from you.


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