Come Now, Gentlemen, I Know There’s Some Mistake


The intellectual incoherence and immorality of poll driven politics!

Come now wealthy and “pro-gay” Republicans who support marriage equality: see this New York Times article.

Come now, gentlemen, I know there’s some mistake.

It’s pathetic. It’s obscene. The pro marriage equality backers, exclusively taken from the only people who count (millionaires) of course want to retain working and lower middle class voters.

These voters define marriage as male and female for deep emotional reasons, including the fact that they have struggled for years, through unemployment, poor health and other plagues, to honor what to them is only a male and female commitment. Whose psychological integrity and self respect are based on axioms that, in Bertrand Russell said, “skepticism does not easily question”.

Who even though they may have had deep friendships and more with members of the same sex as portrayed in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain, live in communities, such as are portrayed my Mr. Lee, where to act on those friendships would mean ostracism or worse.

Who are not welcome in the arondissements of wealthy gay Republicans.

The result? A “conservatism” in which *laissez-faire* and a libertarian/libertine stance floats in an absolute void in which “all is permitted” by logic alone can be made, selectively, “nothing is permitted”, especially to the little people. In which no solution is provided to the classical problem of Western political philosophy, which is how and why do we get along with difference!

In which politics analytically reduces to coalitions of the ambitious and powerful: TS Eliot’s The Hollow Men who just want to win at all costs.


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