My health care financial plan

Right, you swine, this will read well in the Morning Post… – George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman and the Dragon.

To finance care for this cancer deal, then:

1. Use my residency in Hong Kong to access its high quality and low cost care, which is financed by land rents, taxes paid by financial firms and my own relatively flat tax.

2. For procedures such as Pet scanning as needed (if the public scans do not find the source of the cancer cells in my lymph nodes), which aren’t available on the public option, go to Thailand where these procedures are inexpensive.

It may seem rather obscene that the son of a doctor, who’s himself worked hard all his life (but had a perhaps unfortunate tendency not to take shit) doesn’t have private coverage but I accept this obscenity. I am after all responsible for what has happened to me.

It is also obscene that the right-wing Heritage Foundation rates Hong Kong as the most free market in the world but yet high quality public care is available here, and is not in the United States.


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