Workout Log 10 June 2012 1202

Listen! 30 minutes of free dancing with weights to music on arising. Ahhhhhh no pain now, right after. Dancing works but you must do it in the cool and easy style of a Moonwalk or the Madison (love how focused those kids are on getting the memorized steps right: I used to annoy my ex by always improvising on the printed steps).

Marxists forget that “in a world lit only by fire”, when “suffer” was a rough synonym for “experience”, aristocrats suffered almost as much as the common lot owing to the absence of medical knowledge, and what came to the low came to the man at the top, who roughly until the 19th century had to cultivate manly arts to survive and flourish.

That is (das ist): the people of olden times oppressed relative to us in the developed world, in the crude “objective” sense that we’re better off. The problem with a world of borders is that logically independent of the good intentions, say, of liberal Israelis, the line between Israel and Gaza is objectively a line between a country club and a concentration camp. Likewise the mute suffering of grandparents is although something we can do nothing about, a scandal.

Cf in this regard, Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History fable. It also puts us in mind of a Huxley figure of the late British empire who refuses his parents’ legacy

“Clawssical” music therefore to me is the truth of this world. Cf Le Roi Danse: found it on DVD, sans sous-titre, in the museum shop at the Louvre. During the first few minutes of this film I was like, uh oh, for I knew the story of poor Lully, beating time and impaling his foot. Le Roi Danse, using Baroque music in your face like rock and roll, communicates the truth of a world lit only by fire.

I have wasted quite a lot of money in museum shops from the Art Institute of Chicago to Hong Kong’s museum: they are their for the over-indulged bourgeois child, taken by her wealthy and most fond grandfather on an outing. Hmm, I still have to figure out the wealth angle. Times a wasting.


One Response to “Workout Log 10 June 2012 1202”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    The problem is elegant and found in Adorno. No redemption without universal redemption, because for the sensitive bourgeois child, a trip to the museum is ruined by a single beggar.

    The devil of it is we almost had it. In New York of the 1940s, university admission was free if you passed an examination (thank God that this is still the case at Stanford if your parents make < 100K).

    My Mom fled the brutality of the USO for my Dad and they went to the Cloisters of the Metropolitan Museum of Art because it was free and also stood outside the stage door of the Metropolitan Opera to listen to Traviata.

    But that idiot Tom Wolfe proclaimed that the working class "really" want a universal goombah Jersey lifestyle. As a result, it costs 24.00 to get into the Met or, I believe, the Cloisters whereas the National Gallery in London is free, and Hong Kong's museum ten dollars, HK.

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