Recht so! Habt Danke!: zero workout report for 12 June 2012

Listen! Amfortas is carried to the holy lake. “After a night of such fierce pain, a bright forest morn”.

Got my pain medications squared away with my doctor. she is Lady Gaga’s personal physician and formerly attendant on Mick Jagger.

When Mayor Richard Daley’s Fire Commissioner Robert J. Quinn was asked by a reporter why the Chicago Fire Department would not obtain “paramedic” trucks and continued in the 1960s to use Cadillac style, hearse-like ambulances, he said “people like to go out in style”. I find it Absolutely Fabulous that my physician attended Jagger and I work it into many different conversations.

Remember one thing. Cancer survivors who are celebrities have access to better care as a pragmatic thing. But I am also hearing anecdotes about survivors who use public options.

So the first quiet night in a week. The pain is caused by sciatica and not, according to what we know at this time, the cancer.

No workout since I haven’t had solid food for more than 24 hours, only clear soup.

1200 mg Ibuprofen per day. I need to be sure to take the antacid chaser. An optional codeine based top up.

I would like to think that the cleansing also helped the pain. I had a similar cleansing (about which the less said the better) when I drank the tap water in Shenzen.


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