Workout note 11 June 2012: The Bonesetter Sea

Dream: I was driving a car in the strange industrial setting of Hong Kong’s old cattle market, the central abattoir, which is now an art center. I checked into a hotel but while walking outside was set upon by Kung Fu guys and lost my ID.

[In this connection, I have always wondered where the guys in Kung Fu movies who get injured by Bruce Lee, and not killed, go. Perhaps Queen Alexandra, Edward VII’s consort, endowed a hospital just for them?]

I was taken to a public hospital and they treated me well despite the loss of my ID, but rather impersonally. Their treatment made me able to run again, and as I awoke to some pain, I was tearing down the hallway like a ghost and rejoicing that I could run. This was one of those dreams you try to keep dreaming. I was wondering whether I should jump a nurse, for I was free, as I awoke to some pain.

The surf rather heavy at low tide at Power Station Beach, and almost went home to work out with weights, but decided to figure out how to negotiate the water with my gimpy leg. Forty minutes, then, of water dancing.

Basically, just don’t do what I do, swim alone, unless you are an expert swimmer or the need to touch nature in the intimate way of the water dancer simply takes priority to 100% safety: I am not an expert swimmer, just a good one, and today I had to learn new movements to safely negotiate the surf, but I made a decision that it was important to swim.

The Outward Bound way is absolute safety without any screwing around, but taking risks when it is important to do so and when one makes an informed decision. I observed the sea carefully: the rollers were breaking mostly close to the beach rather than further off.

I had what the Duke of Wellington would call a “dirty night” with pain, and no Stilnox. But if you turn off the lights and look at the night, this helps. And the churn of the water in the rather pearly morning was a bonesetter (Chinese chiropractor). It seems to know its power (“remember o Man, I am the Tsunami too”).

Before electric lights, they say, people would wake for a spell around midnight and pray, or talk quietly. I had this experience in Minnesota.

“…they did wake each other: I stood and heard them:
But they did say their prayers, and address’d them
Again to sleep.”

Shakespeare: Macbeth

I’m a Yankee Doodle Ghandi, for I must fast today for tomorrow’s colonoscopy. Clear broth only. I may not have the time to workout tomorrow morning and may feel banged up after, but my basic plan is some sort of first thing in the morning workout.


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