Old age considered inelegant and not for wimps

My third health problem is on the mother of all back burners: an inguinal hernia. According to what I know, it is not caused by nor causes the disk compression whose symptom is sciatica. Both the hernia and herniated disk probably caused by carrying excess loads (Mac Powerbook, library books, children’s school work) for seven years in China, where we have public transportation but must walk (far more than we Americans walk in the USA) to get to public transports.

Surgery for this is on October 19th.

But so far we don’t know whether the malignancy (unconfirmed by anything but the 25 May result) causes the hernia and disc problem and the latter is explained by the weights. The sudden emergence of all three conditions, which make me sound like my father who liked to piss and moan (but who, underneath, was a frigging hero) have a clear psychological origin: the death of my father.

Seriously, perhaps his graceful ghost hopped a plane to Hong Kong to check it out. In Kantian agnosticism I am willing to dance and celebrate his life to get him out of me and to whatever is Heaven (Tian).

Adorno’s story of the Sirens in Homer: logically, any one of the myths may have actually worked and logically, mythical thinking wasn’t “pre-scientific” it was proto-scientific. Dancing may not cure disease but holistically it sure builds the immune system, and indigenous peoples were just as able to note a statistical association between dancing and health, probably more so than many moderns.

Be that as it may, my health situation not only causes discomfort, it lacks scientific elegance. And I need to monitor for other symptoms as they arise. “Old age is not for sissies”, and it’s amazing that my dotage came upon me so suddenly this year.


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