Workout Note 13 June 2012

Yesterday’s colonoscopy has revealed no cancerous structures at all. This isn’t necessarily good news since we need to find the source of the bad guys (the cancerous cells) in my lymph nodes. It means more tests. But hark, forward, all the same. My body is a well-maintained body in many respects but somewhere there may be a malignancy, probably caused by my isolation and stress

30 minutes free dancing to Bach, and Journey to the Line by Hans Zimmer. Choreographing one’s own dancing seems less “intense” than doing a workout based on a leader or a DVD, but it’s a good way to learn my body as it ages and deal with my illness.

In particular, I took the idea of “cardio” from Billy Blanks: just do the same thing again, twice as fast. That guy (Billy Blanks’ Taebo) is a riot…he somehow got on that series ER with George Clooney, and promoted his tapes in the nineties in an episode where Kerry got mad at the nurses for doing his workout in the ER. Plugola, but a useful bit of plugola.

Can’t do impact since that kills my lumbar gaps whose narrowing causes sciatica. But can do plie (bending and straightening the legs while the feet remain on the ground) while using weights at a cardio rate.

Never need “ab” work which I used to love (crunches, etc.) because of sheer vanity and it made me better able to chase after my kids when they were little. This is because as Bruce Lee said, every move you make involves the abs. Making them visible from vanity simply needs proper diet. I have a new blender and have learned, in theory, how to make fruit shakes for breakfast.

Pushups, both full-on and with the lower body on the floor, are good for the lumbar area.

All is vanity…I think one should celebrate one’s own particular type of body and physical fitness. Hatred of the body and Creation itself tells people not to be “vain”. But that Eighties running boom taught me that it is not vanity to touch the face of God or Nature on a run.

It also taught me that fitness is multidimensional. It’s not a one dimensional scale from wimp to bully. It is a sort of “Kiviat diagram”: this was a two dimension shape that expressed computer power along different dimensions. Your fitness goal has to be a shape rather than a number.

Mine right now has to be increasing upper body strength which I’ve always neglected.

No pain this morning, but a lot of numbness in the foot.

My rule for using painkillers as a recovering something or other is simple. The goal is to get off the painkiller without punishing oneself for the athlete has to use pain empirically as data. In particular I need to get off Cosalgesic (codeine based) and Stilnox (sleep aid…puts me out like a light). I need to watch the other medication, ibuprofen and to take it with antacid, it wrecks your digestive system.

On the one hand we have the pleasure of looking forward to the painkiller especially at the end of the day. I do not think that there’s anything wrong with that. Orwell wrote of Englishmen in the Thirties who would take aspirin recreationally, just one tablet with a cuppa, and he was a great spirit who did not condemn Anodynes in that grim world.

On the other is the challenge to use it properly, to set a goal.

The military is filling men with drugs in the bestial wars of the Middle East in its own interest, and then casting them aside, and this year, military suicides have outnumbered combat deaths. It must be very hard to be a drug counselor in the military, for the needs of the beast machine war with your desire to help the guys.

My rules for going back to running, if I do:

1. No use of painkillers and no pain for a week, with no significant numbness
2. Five minute trial “run” followed by 24 hours monitoring
3. Two miles

I have plenty of options if my last run ever was on my son’s birthday. As Emerson wrote: when the half-gods depart, the gods arrive. Gods and grand-daughters.


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