Workout Log 16 June 2012. Bond. James Bond.

Edward G. Nilges, I Am Thy Father’s Spirit, camera self-portrait 10 June 2012. Copyright 2012 (c) by Edward G. Nilges. Moral Rights asserted.

20 minutes at-home weight training and free dancing first thing. Raining, so the sea will not be usable especially with the jungle rot.

A quiet night and no pain this morning.


The sweetest sleep, and fairest-boding dreams
That ever enter’d in a drowsy head,
Have I since your departure had, my lords.
Methought their souls, whose bodies Richard murder’d,
Came to my tent, and cried on victory:
I promise you, my soul is very jocund
In the remembrance of so fair a dream.
How far into the morning is it, lords?

Shakespeare, Richard III

I’d used a “Tibetan Safflower” plaster on the site of my swollen lymph nodes to one of our jungle dances two weeks ago, which was asking for trouble.

A rash developed which I scratched and the area turned red three days ago, and I thought uh oh, this isn’t good for my surgery (excision of the nodes) on 18 June, so as documented I went yesterday to the ER at Queen Mary.

Yesterday evening, applying the prep given me in the ER, I realized that it didn’t sting as it had when the nurse applied it yesterday. This means that my skin is still very healing and self-repairing, closing fissures opened up by my retarded “kill or cure” (straight alcohol and Tiger Balm) which had dried the skin.

The discharge has completely stopped in less than a day.

This means my immune system and blood cells are tough little bastards for right under the site they confront Zombies from Space, the cancer cells discovered in May. Yet they still seal my skin. Game little birds. Hit it, Maestro, let’s play those cells two tunes.


It’s raining which is a typical pattern for May and June. On top of the cancer deal I still have to be Mindful of tropical diseases such as jungle rot.

When I left my wife I somehow made and kept a resolution not to slide too far down the evolutionary scale as is the custom for divorced male, and although I did slide down a bit, a symbol of my Resistance at the time was my Yupped out way of dressing at the time. I especially loved the old Brooks Brothers raincoat with deep pockets and detachable lining and high collar, designed for chaps in the trenches of WWI. It made me feel loved, by Brooks Brothers if nobody else.

Of course, today, Brooks Brothers probably markets more to women for most males insist on looking like bums.

“Best thing could happen to you, Danny, is an industrial accident.” – About Last Night

But I use military psychology: if the men are in for it at Roarke’s Drift without a relief column and ferocious tribes sniffing about, work ’em silly at practicing’ Men of Harlech, Brasso’ing buttons and pipeclaying belts. Foulant la boue sombre, voie les Kepis blancs: Listen!

Sure, the welfare state, which as it happened was Yobs slouched in chairs and setting themselves up for back trouble on the government dime, is kaput. But what if the working class learns individual dignity and personal responsibility as has my brother for so many years? You don’t go back to grinding them down because on an individual basis they are able to stand up for their rights even when their collective means of organization are systematically destroyed.

Che Guevera and Sun Yat Sen both doctors who like Dad (in his opposition to Reagan’s nuclear buildup of the 1980s) were able to generalize from what Dad called a “Bad Day at Black Rock” (a crowded emergency room) to a generalized and unnecessary Sorrow and could not but resist.

As I clumsily clip bandages with my first aid kit and apply the solution I ponder this: the helpers in a war zone. Whole world’s a war zone today, and my body is a battleground. And I think not only of pipeclay and Brasso but of how hard it must be to keep things sterile in the jungle.

“The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.” – Dr. Ernesto Che Guevara

“The Revolution has not yet succeeded. Comrades, you must carry on!” -Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Dr Sun Yat Sen was the second graduate of the med school affiliated teaching hospital Queen Mary where I’m being taken care of in the Chinese way. Today it’s Lee Ka-Shing medical school, it was created for Chinese students in the 1880s.

Bond…James Bond. For me the only Bond was Sean Connery, who I first saw playing Harry Hotspur in the 1959 BBC cycle of the History plays of Shakespeare, An Age of Kings. “For thou art dust, Harry, and food for worms”


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