Workout Log 17 June 2012

Walking with weights and free-dancing by the bonesetter sea. Beautiful day, the rain’s gone.

Hard morrow, have to undergo excision outpatient surgery tomorrow at Queen Mary. This time, however, I have arranged for friends to take me there, and since some of them are classical musicians, and therefore buskers, they even have a wheelchair, which many buskers just happen to have…damned if I know why hee hee.

My sciatica, although probably unrelated to the cancer, may be at my age here to stay. It is caused by thickening of the bone which press upon the sciatic nerve: but the bones are, in my view, thickening to defend the aging body as a whole.

Therefore, the only way, in my layperson’s opinion, to expand the lumbar gap is to become taller. Stands to reason. If my height increases and the height of the vertebrae are constant, there would be a larger gap and larger “disks”.

Very good. How to get taller?

Posture is important.

Going back to the Seventeenth Century and merely opening my big mouth would possibly get me stretched on the rack by the Inquisition, but I’d have to take a pass on the subsequent disemboweling. Don’t think they’d allow that.

Skydiving, eg. hanging in the sky screaming in terror, would work save for the fact that coming to earth would undo all my work on the way down unless I arrange to land in blancmange or mayonnaise: even water would suck.

What I want is a set of monkey bars on which to do Marine style pull-ups. I’ve always sucked at pull-ups. Failing that I can do a reverse pushup on a straight backed hard chair with arms. This will drop and straighten the spine.

Also recommended by Doctor is the half pushup.

Great evil emerges in the world, what the hell IS this shit, bankers are gambling at the foot of the Cross, face eating crack addicts. There is no Devil this shit is the Devil. It’s all verbs first as my son observed of the Imitation of Christ.

“Cancer” has no verb form, but “dancer” does. Listen!

Edward G. Nilges, “Wild Teenage Beatnik Ghost Dancers of Lamma Island”, 2005, pencil, pen and computer modification. Copyright (c) 2012 by Edward G. Nilges. Moral rights asserted.


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