Workout Log: I that in Heill was and in Gladnes

Walk and stair step workout at Queen Mary hospital, weak as a kitten, had to rest after only two flights. But was able to do this in the predawn hours such that natural smells predominated rather than exhaust fumes, in particular the mountain opposite the hospital. Each mountain in Hong Kong has its own characteristic smell. It was a fragrant mountain indeed.

Had checked in to QMH with abdominal pain caused by foolishly taken Ibuprofen without an antacid buffer.

The view in my ward today at Queen Mary better than TV for it includes the fragrant mountain, the harbor and Lamma Island. Ever changing light. A sliver of sunlight cheerYouUp.

This rather aggressive focus on the bright side is a product of endorphin release. But the pain in hospital was so great (both stomach and back) I had opioide injections for pain management and liked the buzz. But the buzz is a dullness, a heaviness and a drop off of awareness, and opioides are addictive. So I’m back to the previous pain management scheme. A codeine based tab and Ibuprofen (taken with greater care) and stilnox to sleep.

OK, I know it now. Take Ibuprofen with food and antacids. A walk, with or without weights, shall have to count as a normal workout whereas before this particular s*t hit the fan I rated a walk at half credit.

This old age business is all rather sudden if you ask me.

I that in heill was and in gladnes
Am trublit now with great sicknes
And feblit w’infermitie

William Dunbar

However, I do feel that the old Timor Mortis which is this poem’s (Lament for the Makarys) refrain may be rather premature in this day and age, Inshallah.

Look up the poem and read it. It has a marvelous sound which CS Lewis celebrates as the Northern sound in his history of English literature of the 16th century. But I shall leave quoting it to Richard Burton, who before his death would recite Lament for the Makarys (Makarys=makers=poets) in entirety from memory when drunk.


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