Workout note 22 June 2012

Depressed by the use of opioide pain medications in place of anti-inflammatories. The injections I was given (and had to ask for) in hospital because of my stomach pain now gone had sent me off rather pleasantly into a terminal dreamland of no consequence which I last remember from the 1960s. In that dreamland I fingered the bed as if it were a computer and wrote poems in my mind that I’ve forgotten, watching the letters form.

But pleasant dreams are followed this morning by depression. Last night I dreamed I was back in the USA, and everybody was waiting for trains that never came, and fancy apartment buildings had boarded up areas on the first floor marked, “servants’ TV room”.

But I Churchilled up for a 20 minute workout noting more weight loss from the siege of abdominal pain. This included bounce off the wall pushups forcing a slight negative curvature of the spine, which may be good for the sciatica, and chair pushups to drop and straighten the spine.

I have agreed to pay for a Pet scan which is not available on the public option and which costs 12K HKD. This Eye of God will reveal everything … the secrets of the deep. So far nothing has been seen.

I have quit Nicorette gum! Three days free of the expense and mess. Of course that’s going to add to the depression. But physical exercise, and hopefully switching this week from an opioide med to an anti-inflammatory, is best for depression.


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