Workout 27 June 2012: The Bonesetter Sea II

Croak not, black angel: I have no food for thee – Shakespeare, King Lear

Went to the government beach over the hill from Power Station Beach (it has showers so that you can wash the sand off your feet).

New skin had stretched over the new tumor almost in mockery of it which protects me against infection so I decided to work out this morning with water dancing. The darkening, spotted and numbed area below the tumor seemed to be less this morning although that may be my imagination. The point is that my body is a garden. The tumor clearly doesn’t “want” me to go swimming whereas the new skin thinks that’s a great idea since it is unchanged from the skin I had when I was a little kid: it is a series of DNA instructions.

The morning is fresh and beautiful, sun shining, tide out with heavy rollers and breakers and a line of “scunge” a yard from the beach that you must wade through perforce. Did 30 minutes treading water using the relief from gravity to drop the spine.

Cut back to one Panadol and one Tramadol to reduce yesterday’s nausea.


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