Workout Log 28 June 2012: 20 minute walk with weights

…on a brilliant and fresh July morning. The June pattern (morning rain and later clearing) has ended and it’s usually clear in the morning now.

Sciatic pain during walk but not after. Decided unusually to walk through the pain because there’s a point at which you value the exercise that you take a risk.

Nausea which I think is from high levels of pain medication. Halving prescribed dosage. I took the normal dosage before the workout and was unwilling to eat breakfast after the workout although I was hungry. All I can think is that unless the nausea is due to the cancer, and this is unlikely, it is guiding me to a way to cope with sciatica long term.

The nausea and a weariness the last two days forced me to sit on a bench on the path into town and at the ferry pier. I didn’t want to, feeling that this was being an old man. But every time I sat and did nothing at all but breathe, and register the beauty of Lamma, I felt better. So let us be a geezer. “Men must endure their going hence”.


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