DIRECTLY comparable

The behavior of the Republicans around health care, and their sadistic delight in the idea of people with Stage IV cancers and sciatica, with PhDs, without health insurance, sweeping floors at the age of 62, is directly comparable to the behavior of Japanese prison camp commanders in World War II as shown here.


Japanese savagery during WWII was not a mysterious trait from the dawn of time. Instead, Japan had had a period of Enlightenment under the Meijii Emperor of the 19th century.

But when President Coolidge of the United States foolishly forced Britain, already a United States debtor from WWI, to abandon its naval alliance with Japan, Japan was in the position of the United States commencing on Sep 11 2011.

Militarily powerful but with a secret weakness.

In the USA’s case: the possibility of terrorism.

In Japan’s: no domestic oil.

This explains the savagery especially of second-rate commanders forced to witness the weakness of defeated men.

America’s post-911 weakness explains the foul absurdity of the Republicans who’ve lined up against the mandate that they proposed! And there is no limit to their savagery.

Please just vote for Obama. There is no sane alternative that can stop this nightmare.


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