No workout today 29 June 2012

PET and CT scans do not permit workouts.

Although I have to balance science with a holistic and spiritual approach, the science is literally a pain in the ass. I feel like Major Tom, an object, when fed through a scanner and my sciatica usually acts up. Listen!

Cheered by the Supreme Court’s finding that the Affordable Care Act is 99% constitutional. This has passed the American test: any social program has to create rich people, and this morning the owners of equities in private hospitals are richer. But public hospitals will also benefit since by 2014 their patients will be on the whole more able to pay their bills.

ACA forbids discrimination on pre-existing conditions which means that by 2015 I can return to the USA and get coverage that will factor in my pre-existing conditions.

Roberts basically isn’t Scalia. He wanted to justify ACA but to do so under Commerce would have offended his core free-market beliefs. But his solution was a kill or cure since he’s just affirmed that the Feds can Tax to provide for the General Welfare.

Basically if conservatives do not want to have the government invade every corner of our lives they need only stop making each moment of our lives an opportunity to create another market.

I was USED as a consumer who would nag Mom for Coke or McDonald’s until 1962 when I fled TVland for the world of books. I was used as a consumer when I couldn’t get a computer job in Chicago without buying a car even though I wanted to work in the loop, and I wound up with that legendary Ford Granada, a piece of junk.

Gave it to my ex, bought a car that was even worse, the accurst Volkswagen Dasher. Got rid of it for a bike.

Let the government in with the greed heads, let the government stay on the greed heads’ ass like white blood cells on cancer. The marketers created our lives in which even cherished memories (my kid showing me the secret instructions of the Texas Instruments Speak and Spell) involve a named product.


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