Best Day Since the Debacle


Best by far, for I started with a 40 minute workout in the rain and mysteriously, against the Hong Kong Observatory’s prediction, the day became brilliant and became a cool brilliant evening, one suitable for seeing Artemis against the moon.

Hardly any sciatic pain. Almost walking normally. No, no, no the tumor cannot be softening shrinking as an effect of only two days of Flutamide, or it may be an initial reaction to be later overcompensated. Stand to it, leukocytes, and get on parade, white blood cells, this is not even the beginning of the beginning and there was hope before this, in the storm. That would be when I ran over the possibilities and concluded that all could be endured somehow. When I said I have no food for thee.

Hope is the thing with feathers…
That perches in the Soul…
And sings the Tune without the words…
And never stops at all…

Emily Dickinson

And this was because a bunch of blokes bought me pizza and let me talk myself out relating my experiences. Then we simply talked. The owner of the joint has a new hat that makes him look like Hemingway’s bartender.

Now God be thanked who has matched us with this hour. Dance dance dance.


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