Workout log 3 July 2012

30 minute free dance with weights including many “off the wall” standing pushups with negative curvature to heal back. Have some sort of procedure today based on PET scan results. Coming to end of stilnox sleep aid don’t want to refill. Before la debacle was able to fall asleep by simple focus and quiet meditation and “cognitive” therapy: this is knowing that when we think we cannot sleep we are actually catching short intervals in most cases.

May also use the “night watch”. This is based on the fact that before electric lights people used to awaken normally, but in a quiet and meditative state, around midnight. It’s happened to me in the wilderness. Might involve a walk to the beach.

Back continues to improve. Have Epsom salts to address the numbness which is the “logical baseline” of the pain since you always have numbness when you have pain but not vice versa. During the freelance, a running movement caused no pain but we shall have to see.


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