Log 5 July 2012

Dream: I was giving a performance in the Chinese district of Mexico City with my actor friends out of three books each marked with a Chinese character, one of which was based on the sound of Evanston Woman. But some criminals tried to get me to join them. I did but when I decided to leave the gang, to my surprise, they let me, but they watched me carefully as I changed out of the criminal clothes to make sure I didn’t try any funny stuff.

I walked down the street which was a set of steps down to a magnificent bay to which all the rivers of the USA drain. There was a Chinese school so I stopped in to learn more about the character and to teach an English poem.

No workout today need to rest. The weather has changed is now showery.

Noted that the architecture of my left foot is just as visible on arising as that of my right, which is unaffected by the sciatica. Feeling less pain as I cut back medication to Panadol only. Managing the sciatica will help with managing the cancer since I might be able to run again and this will build immunity and mood.


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