The End of This Last Survivor of the Garrison, Weak from Loss of Blood, Codswallop

This morning’s workout was twenty minutes of movement and dancing with weights.

Made it into Central, made it into the library in Tin Hau, made it to Subway (veggie pattie hope it’s reasonably healthy).

The first job was to pay for my Internet service. I had thought I might let it go at home and use its absence to force myself to make it to a cafe but that’s not on. I need it at home for creativity, for blogging, for wikipedia and other forms of health info.

The lads at the Shueng Wan PCCW on Des Voeux know me as “the guy who now limps and is a little bit crabby”, I believe. It’s a pretty crazy setup after all. You have to get the statement for the month and hump to 7-11 on Victoria if you want, as I most assuredly do, to pay cash.

But today, the main guy voluntarily walked over to the 7-11. Employee of the month.

Only problem was the weight of that blasted Powerbook and the library books. But there are several small shops near the library…one is a lady who sells art and frames and when she frames my drawings says “Po Leung” which I think means “beautiful”.

There’s also a couple who sell luggage and eyeglasses. So, in I go after the library, looking like the lads in Bridge Over the River Kwai and the Last Survivor of the Garrison, right?

I asked for a cellphone case: my case had simply disintegrated after several years. The proprietress sold me one and then insisted that I consider one of those wheeled luggages for my load since I was obviously half-dead already from the weight on my shoulder.

Now, I don’t like them. They are always a bit short for a person of my height and seem childish in comparison to what “men should carry”: a suitcase in the hand: when we were kids even a shoulder bag wasn’t considered “manly”, and there’s that Pukka Wallah part of me that thinks any bag-carrying servile.

But even if you are acting a part you have a choice. I realized I wasn’t going to make it back to the island with the load so I bought the bag at the price she named (bringing it down just twenty dollars to an even 8 hundred HKD because, I think, she might be insulted if I didn’t bargain just a bit).

And then in the cab to the ferry (which I did not need to take so easy it was to wheel the luggage) I got a message from PCCW. I needed to top up and along with Internet, cellphone service is essential now. So I returned to the lads at the Shueng Wan PCCW and got that solved, showing them my new bag in a much improved mood…and made it back to the island.


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