Workout log 8 July 2012

First thing in the morning, 20 minute free dance with weights.

Realized I’d lost track of the Mannings hot and cold bladder pain pad and the electric heating pad, which means that even after humping on Friday I’ve had no sciatic pain, just numbness. Which means that my solutions (walking and standing with very erect posture: Epsom salts nightly) seem to be working.

A British mate suggested taking a look at Lawrence Olivier’s 1944 Henry V again. The military extras were taken from both British soldiers and the many American units brought over in the buildup to D-Day. He said that the English military extras stand straight as a general rule whereas Americans tend to slouch.

He may be right. After all, most of us came to America in order to avoid jobs as servants and “abigails”, or maids, who were required to stand continuously and with erect posture and my generation, in particular, thought it “cool” to sprawl and slouch. It conveys a certain … egalitarianism.

Sitting up straight even feels and looks to me “gay” but after April’s pain the hell with what is or what is not “gay”.

The pain episodes have left even though I’m down to a Panadol preventative only and still use an “easy” chair when I should use a hard back chair.

If I can conquer Sciatica then there’s only the you know what. Bit more of a challenge.


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