Workout Log 10 July 2012

Things are getting less eventful, fortunately. 40 minute freedance with weights to Morricone’s music for The Mission, and the sound track to The Thin Red Line. More aerobic dancing style moves to gradually return function to my left leg and its trashed sciatic nerve. That nerve is no longer being pinched, apparently, since it transmits no false pain messages. However, zones of the leg are numb indicating damage?

I had public-option osteopathy for this but did not use it am on this issue alone my own osteopath.

Got several meal supplements from the oncology center. Not as healthy as using the blender and from a multinational corporation involved in shady dealings in the past: Nestle, which, I believe, tried to get women off breastfeeding and onto its expensive infant formula. Salesmen come to oncology centers and leave free samples of powders and drinks intended for cancer patients who have difficulty eating.

But, it’s complicated. These big corporations are the only pseudo-friend a working Mom in the USA, forced to work as a condition for assistance, has. She can’t shop at health food stores and has no network as do I. If her doctor can line her up with supplements, it’s all for the better.

On Facebook, I found myself yesterday ridiculing some natural food advocates in the deep South who were fans of Minnesota thug-politician Jesse Ventura, who, to recapture the attention he had in the 1990s, has revived the absurd conservative charge of the 1960s, that “they” are “fluoridating” “our” water. Yeah right, straight fluorine? Well, not exactly: a “fluoride” is a chemical compound that includes the halogen element fluorine which is in its pure state a highly reactive, and therefore deadly, gas, but as a “fluoride” can be as harmless as the “chloride” sodium chloride (table salt).

I stopped “flaming”, however, and blocked the lot of them. They are absurd people since modern conservatives don’t want “them” to stop adding anything to water, they want to privatize water. The fluoridation cause was manufactured by conservative public relations as a talking point meant to demonstrate the wickedness of “government intervention”, at a time when people were calling for Federal intervention in the Deep South for civil rights.


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