Workout Log 23 July 2012

Heemelaya’s Bollywood workout first thing, had difficulty with the Hare Krishna hop. Need to soak left foot in Epsom salts every night.

Gave up use of Tramadol to sleep, had no problem sleeping. Dreamed a lot about transgression on Hong Kong ferries.

The tumor which was my lymph node doesn’t seem to change size, it just scrapes and rubs above the clavicle. Is the hormone therapy keeping it, at least, from increasing in size? I do not know. It would be nice to see the last of it: but it is hard as if it were sheets of cells that have rapidly duplicated.

I need to accept it and move on perhaps to Macau and then Thailand after the two outpatient visits this week. For visits, not as a permanent escape although at this point I look at my little suitcase and wonder what it would be like to just go. I certainly wouldn’t be escaping anything.


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