Workout Log 25 July 2012

Thirty minutes free dance with weights first thing, dark morning, remnants of typhoon, need to go to Queen Mary Hospital for outpatient appointment, blood tests, review, today.

Audition last night in which my weight loss was remarked upon. I cannot seem, post-diagnosis, to be able to create a written “food patrol” as I had before the diagnosis. In this I simply write down how I’ll eat and it worked very well pre-diagnosis to keep me slim along with working out.

But with the overall emphasis, now, on “whole grains, fruit and vegetables” thought best for the cancer survivor, along with working out, I am slimmer than the American or even world norm and this concerns some people…even as Steve Jobs gave financial markets the willies by appearing so gaunt.

I am thinking of creatively using exceptions to my overall organic, vegetarian Food Patrol. For example, if you’re buying, I’m eating beef ha ha. Seriously I might have a Snarfburger now and then just to keep in practice. I could go right now for a burger at Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill in Admiralty.

Might backfire, of course. Might be better to get meat in the smaller quantities characteristic of Chinese food.

“Hopdance cries in my belly for two white herring. Croak not, black angel, I have no food for thee.” – Shakespeare, King Lear


One Response to “Workout Log 25 July 2012”

  1. Be careful how low calorie your eating habits are, I noticed when I was eating a lot of vegetables…. even for breakfast. I lost weight extremely fast and felt good at first but then my neurochemicals got a little off.

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