Workout Log 31 July 2012: The Riddle Does Not Exist

20 minutes walking with weights and 20 minutes water dancing first thing on a fresh morning. Walking back home, listening to Ravi Shankar’s EMI collection and wondering why how we can appreciate life without necessarily demanding that it continue. After all, we want the movie to end, don’t we? In fact to know it’s finite is to value it more. To have per Kant no clue as to the outside is to make it very precious including the particular way the trees drip in the morning sunlight. How things open up to the light.

Then I went to the City of Sadness (Tun Shui Wai) and successfully located a public housing block where I delivered a rather long class in IELTS. Is this eternal life? Probably not. Nor is it exactly the Life of Riley (where that was a mid-century Irish expression for a life of material comfort). Nor is it a case of it’s hell when the Irish get rich.

That is (das ist) it has come to my attention that I am living on an island on which most of us are up Shit’s Creek without a paddle, having to work with various illnesses and what have you.

This is the deal, anyway. And with a couple of cups of coffee (my max is now three) it seems to be working out. I am also saving an incredible amount of money no longer using that stupid nicotine gum. I have not seemed to need Nicorette La Debacle of May since it seemed like a silly and useless Anodyne relative to the great big steaming heap of shit that was dumped on me at that time.

Zu einer Antwort, die man nicht aussprechen kann, kann man auch die Frage nicht aussprechen. Das Rätsel gibt es nicht. – Wittgenstein


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