Workout Log 3 August 2012

20 minutes free dance with weights first thing, taking care not to make pelvic pain worse, have slight overuse injury.

Listen! I had to put it all in the porte de bras and formalistic motions of the feet, and resist the leaping impulse lest I trash my pelvis. Using the “Krishna” position (heel to ground, toes up, flute playing gesture, rather cheesy Bollywood smile) in parts of this dance.

George Balanchine and Suzanne Farrell

Dream. I crossed the border into Seoul but could not find a hotel room.

Note to self…do not touch & explore shoulder tumor save when daily noting its “phenomenology”, that is, its size and how it feels in a qualitative way. It feels different at night. I can assist my healing by making simple observations but only when fully awake and prepared to take responsibility for those observations by writing them down.


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