Workout Log 4 August 2012

20 minutes free dancing first thing. Still have that pesky pain between the upper and lower sciatic notch, and it may be exacerbated by need to walk extensively (working in The City of Sadness, Tin Shui Wai). This is causing depression along with the hormone treatments. Planning a Thailand spa stay later this month, may help to not have to walk anywhere for a week.

Can get Medicare in three years for my cancer situation, but in the words of the joke, I’m too young for Medicare but too old for the ladies to care ha ha. Contrary to its reputation Medicare doesn’t turn people down for frivolous reasons.

The hard metal seats of the MTR are an agony on my newly bony ass during the long trip up to Tin Shui Wai but again, sitting up straight reduces the pain and standing eliminates it (of course).

George Balanchine and Suzanne Farrell


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