This Bible Guy Said To Me…

If men had not this hope and this fear, but believed that the mind perishes with the body, and that no hope of prolonged life remains for the wretches who are broken down with the burden of piety, they would return to their own inclinations, controlling everything in accordance with their lusts, and desiring to obey fortune rather than themselves. Such a course appears to me not less absurd than if a man, because he does not believe that he can by wholesome food sustain his body for ever, should wish to cram himself with poisons and deadly fare; or if, because he sees that the mind is not eternal or immortal, he should prefer to be out of his mind altogether, and to live without the use of reason; these ideas are so absurd as to be scarcely worth refuting.


This Bible guy said to me,
Doncha wanna live for eternity,
Is this world enough.
And so I sez, inna voice that wuz rough
It is enough, I mean give me a break:
No one who’s held a son aloft
Or upside down above his head like a nut bar
Or seen the dawn or the green flash
Would say is this all there is, there must be S’mores.
It is not courteous to ask of God, if there is a God,
How odd,
Is this all there is I want a gin fizz.
We got nothing coming from this life save what we got
And anything else is that which is not,
A haze of less then known and a swirling fog
Into which we must go ere long like unto a Dog.
“Men must endure their going hence”
Unconditionally. So the King admonished Gloucester,
In the old morality Play,
About the coming of Night and then of Day.

Edward G. Nilges 11 August 2012. Copyright 2012 by Edward G. Nilges. Moral rights asserted.


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