Workout Log 11 August 2012

30 minute free dance with weights on a rainy morning may workout in the sea a second time if it clears up to relieve continued butt stress. Sorry you got email about this, Subscriber, but I have a secret commitment to update it tous les jours.

The next step is cancer followup day 22 August followed, if God wills it, by my trip to Thailand. Can’t see how any news in the followup could cancel the trip and cause me to try to collect on insurance unless on the 22nd I am incapacitated in some way: worst case (a further metastasis) should still allow me to travel for a healthy reason, perhaps with contacts at the Koh Samhui hospital.

But like my Dad I expect the worst to happen. I didn’t expect to collect on the travel insurance from having to cancel Italy last June but it’s come through. My Dad expected the worst to happen, perhaps, because of 1929 and Munich.

The weight training now includes leg demi-squats and the dance is careful to not stress my butt making it even more Apollonian than the Ballet for I have to find the rhythm with my hands first. Pain is my teacher and not Mr B. But I should have gotten to the beach, did not do so because of the rain.


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