Workout Log 12 August 2012: this would make a man of salt

Edward G. Nilges, Angels Spreading Rumors of Angels, 2011. Copyright 2012 by Edward G. Nilges. Moral Rights asserted.


Walked to and from the beach with weights: forty minute swimming and water dancing. The morning is cloudy and the sea was at low tide with surf breaking rather far out. My swimming creates some slight pain on the right side but the “water dancing” (treading water aerobically) seems to assist in managing the sciatica.

Dancing to my complete EMI recordings of Pandit Ravi Shankar last night and having a good cry thereby. Such yearning! For I’m in the department of baby I don’t care. How the tabla enters: like the first drop of rain.

Composing emails to the kids in my head; hey you guys know this is stage IV, or what. Well they do. And now my younger kid has to figure out the father deal.

Ravi Shankar’s father abandoned him, his Mom and Mother India itself in pursuit of a dream of being Western. Aha, that’s it: for I hear such yearning in his music, which always reminds me of how I miss my own kids.

Why, this would make a man a man of salt,
To use his eyes for garden water-pots,
Ay, and laying autumn’s dust.

Shakespeare King Lear

My easy chair makes a good Tabla with all sorts of subtle sounds depending on where you beat on it.

I hang about the IFC Mall like Holly Golightly at Tiffany’s. I could care less! I like beautiful things and people at this juncture. There’s a little out of the way French cafe joint near the roof where you can usually get a table.

To build my weight back up to speed I actually went into Godiva’s and bought two choco bars what they hell and ate them late at night as my little treat.

It’s going to be a long week. Nice break today. A new supply of Stilnox to assist sleeping through the night. Then cancer center followup on 22 August, and Thailand unless at cancer center followup they discover that I’m actually dead ha ha or something. Seriously, I really need to get out of Hong Kong’s environment for my health. I am certain that any new metastasis or other discovery will wait or even respond to a change to a positive environment. But Blue Cross Asia will be pissed if I make another claim.

Holding on to the way the light was last June at Queen Mary hospital when I was first up shit’s creek.


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