My new grand-daughters

My son has sent me a photo of my grand-daughters but I’ve decided it is not suitable to publish it on wordpress online so as to protect his privacy. A drawing is a different matter as my art work. But my fears that my son would exclude me have been allayed. I have published one photo that can be seen by Facebook friends. The point is all harmony. Perhaps with all the stress I have been feeling I got paranoid. Or perhaps I am unusually “high maintenance” for an American Dad. Most Dads can be left in the corner with a couple of beers and they are happy whereas I have to be the center of attention. I apologize for this, but the reason is that in fact attention was not paid, strangely enough.

But all over harmony reigns. I will be patient like King frigging Lear.

Heavy matters! heavy matters! but look thee here,
boy. Now bless thyself: thou mettest with things
dying, I with things newborn. Here’s a sight for
thee; look thee, a bearing-cloth for a squire’s
child! look thee here; take up, take up, boy;
open’t. So, let’s see: it was told me I should be
rich by the fairies.

– William Shakespeare, A Winter’s Tale


What else is Wisdom? What of man’s endeavour
Or God’s high grace, so lovely and so great?
To stand from fear set free, to breathe and wait;
To hold a hand uplifted over Hate;
And shall not Loveliness he loved for ever?

– Euripides


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