Workout Log 23 August 2012

Edward G Nilges, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan at Hong Kong University 3 July 2012

30 minutes free dance with weights to Journey to the Line, L’Enfant, Morricone, etc.

Clarified the verbiage in the very cool manual and CD sent to me from Hong Kong University’s PET center I find in talking to my doctor that some of the problems in my left leg (femoral artery thrombosis, numbness, hip pain) are caused by lymph swellings and tumors in the lymph system (minor tumors, or perhaps just swelling?) pressing against the iliac vessel. So the back situation is not a simple sciatica. But this may mean that the considerable reduction of what I considered sciatic pain last June, that had me on powerful painkillers which brought visions of obscenely bloated Breughel creatures and other not so pleasant visions, was caused by a greater swelling which is going down.

Epsom salts help the leg immensely by creating some sort of electrical field. But having only a shower one can only stick the leg in a soak. A tub a tub my kingdom for a tub. As in a Paris hotel, an enormous tub with claw like feet designed after the Sphinx’s feet crouching serviceably for the menage a trios ou quatre et ces plungeur.

The palpable tumor in my shoulder is slightly softer and motile. I have started on Vitamin C and am even pronouncing it “vitt ah minn” because all my British friends do that. Not proven as a cure but said to cause remissions even of lung cancer so what the hell. Little downside except diareeah maybe tooth trouble, mere bagatelles at this time.

I’d say it’s rawther frightening to be draped in cancer bags which can turn upon my organs.

“Oh I SAY, J. O., JOLLY frightening out heah!” – Huntng Tigers out in India

One does hope that the immune system is on parade and watchful for raids on my liver. Peering over the parapet cross no man’s land.


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