La Reine Dit Tous: a Rondeley

“Le Roi Dit Tous” – Alexandre Dumas, La Reine Margot
“Ecoutez, les Gascons…” – Edmund Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

La Reine dit tous
Le jours, dit-elle la Reine
La reine écrit tous les jours
Elle était la Reine de la Cite des Amours,
Parce que la Reine dit tous
Le jours.
Parce que la Reine dit elle lit
Mon écrit
Les Jours

Elle lit l’histoire de Lanzelot du Lac
She’s got his back,
Another chump what loved not wisely but too well,
And you know what…that’s swell. Most of us do it,
And we end up the creek
With you or without you
Like U2.

Qui est la Reine
You ask in vain.
Wild dog, wild dog, you ask in vain.

Ah mais la Reine dit tous:
C’est merveilleux.

Edward G. Nilges 25 Aug 2012. Copyright 2012 Edward G. Nilges, moral rights asserted.

Nicholas Poussin, The Nurture of Infant Bacchus Entrusted to the River Nymphs, With Jove Recovering, and the Piteous Death of Narcissus as Lamented by the Nymph, Echo

Caution: the above intended to be in a mixture of good English and understandable French. Constructive Francophone comments with advice as to grammar and usage will be most welcome. Let’s pretend I am from an obscure province of France where they have to pipe in daylight and I speak funny like Cezanne or Zola.

The line “wild dog, wild dog, you ask in vain”, is a scansion swiped from a poem, Easter Park, by Stevie Smith, the great British poet of the 1950s. Hey, great artists steal, as Steve Jobs said.

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