Ode to a Strange and Tropical Fruit

I have never (up to now) eaten, I have never seen
A fruit as strange as the Mangosteen:
The darkest purple with green testicles,
You only eat its vesicles…
That slightly obscene, but unarguably delicious,

They were in my room. I ate one rind and all and it was extraordinarily bitter. I then looked up “Mangosteen” in Wikipedia to learn that only the inner flesh is edible. Oh dear. But the other parts aren’t poisonous since I am not dead. My fellow guests were amused at the communal table to hear of my adventure for the Mangosteen is well known in Thailand.

But not in Hong Kong while its complement the Durian (the famous fruit that smells like a wet fart or rotting food when cut open) is very well known.

Because of the fact that circa 1960 American fruits became suddenly tasteless and toxic, I have long eaten far too few fruits and have unpleasant psychological associations with most fruits apart from bananas and now the Mangosteen. I have to eat more for my condition and hope to find the Mangosteen in Hong Kong.


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