Workout Log 27 August 2012: Koh Samui Day 4

“Le voici, les arbres du Jongle” – PHN 1983

Fifteen minutes Freitanz with weights, 30 minute swim and water dance (incorporating some moves from a class in water aerobics yesterday), 20 minutes stair master Chinese water wheel sort of thing.

In the house of long life,
There I wander.
In the house of happiness,
There I wander.
Beauty before me,
With it I wander.
Beauty behind me,
With it I wander.
Beauty below me,
With it I wander.
Beauty above me,
With it I wander.
Beauty all around me,
With it I wander.
In old age traveling,
With it I wander.
On the beautiful trail I am,
With it I wander.

– Navaho Chant

A simple solid plastic PVC (dense foam) tube such as you’d find in a garbage dump. Under water it turned in my water aerobics class into this marvelous resistant thing owing to physics. You can even ride it sitting down or standing up although I personally had a most amusing and most unfortunate tendency to turn, slowly, magnificently, with a despairing cry, most assuredly Turtle, like the Titanic: I could not figure out the balance, but I’m sure I shall. Now the problem is how to find such a tube for the least cost possible, which means not in a sporting good store.

In the beautiful Bight of Gurtle
Turned I most assuredly Turtle
Related thus with a sigh of Woe,
Related this, the Bonghi Bo

– Edward G Nilges (homage to Edward Lear)


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