Workout Log 29 Aug 2012: Ko Samui Day 6

Five minutes freedance with weights, 20 min stair master, 20 mn water dance. Had a large flash of pain last night that hits the left hip and then goes away. Referred pain resulting from sciatica, or pressure of lymph node on iliac? We do not know. May go back to taking Panadol (Excedrin equivalent) and Tramadol (mild opioid).

With the hand on my tumor I send this to the people who were closest to me:

1. I love you
2. I’m sorry
3. If you can please forgive me
4. I wish you well

For the tumor on my shoulder is a seed and new life. There are seeds and new life all around me, and some of them have these sort of lip things that form a smile like a sleeping newborn smiles. The tumor has so far produced benefits on balance in my life in the departments of shaping up, working out in the morning rather than postponing it, setting goals, and coming here to Kamalaya.

Heck, it even gets me more female attention, I’ll admit it, dammit. Blondes taking me to outpatient appointments. I just have to remain self-aware of my own character and not let it go to my head, or elsewhere in my body. I also need to figure out ways to celebrate this altruism, such as an analysis of why Ayn Rand can go to hell.

For “bless thyself, thou hast been with things dying, I with things being born”.


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